On June 1, 1972, James and Lois Ennis opened their original warehouse, a 2,500 square foot bay, in Edmonton and distributed fabrics and supplies in Northern Alberta.

Since that time, thanks to the continued support of our valued customers, J. Ennis Fabrics has experienced steady growth. Today, over 9,000 products are distributed throughout North America from five extensive, full service distribution centres in Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver and Indianapolis, including a wholly owned 40,000 square foot quality control and consolidation warehouse in China capable of domestic Asian trading.

Each day, we strive to surpass the expectations of our customers and employees. We achieve this by being passionate about ways to contribute to our customers’ success—being their partner, understanding their needs, being exceptionally reliable, and delivering the right products when needed.

J. Ennis Fabrics’ Specialty market is vast and includes industrial, marine, awning and transportation. Our products meet the highest standards for use in diverse applications. We stock fabrics for awnings, boat tops, carpets, apparel, bags, protective covers, headliner, tarps, screening and almost any other use you can think of. All fabrics are tested to meet industry standards. Our Specialty line includes fabrics designed for the harshest climates and specialized uses. J. Ennis Fabrics carry the biggest brand names to supply you with the products you know and trust.

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