Who should join the NECPA?

Membership in NECPA is open to manufacturers and fabricators of canvas and other outdoor fabric-based products; equipment and service suppliers to the trade; and distributors, wholesalers, and retailers of outdoor fabric-related products and services.

My company is a member of NECPA, do I need to join?

No, membership is for organizations only. All owners and employees of the member business are automatically eligible to receive NECPA benefits.

What is the membership fee?

The NECPA membership fee is $135/year and covers all owners and employees of the member business.

How do I pay for my membership?

Paying for your membership is easy. NECPA accepts all major credit cards and payment may be made through our secure website upon completion of your membership application.

How do I access my member benefits?

To access your member benefits such as discounts on event registration,  you must login in with your company's login credentials. Please see your company's membership administrator for that information.

How can I become a sponsor on your website or emails?

We have many sponsorship opportunities available for our members on our website , email newsletters and at our Annual Meeting & Expo.  You can contact us through the website contact form for more information.

In order to comply with current online security standards, payment for both membership and events uses a secure online payment system that only accepts credit and debit cards. If you are unable to pay by credit or debit card, please contact president@necpa.org so that special arrangements can be made. Memberships and event registrations paid by check are credited according to the date they are received. 

NECPA Membership for organizations runs for the calendar year. This means that whether your organization pays membership dues in January or September, you are paying for the current calendar year unless that year has previously been paid. All organization memberships expire on December 31st of the calendar year.

Memberships renewal reminders go out 30 days before expiration. This encourages all members to renew before their membership expires at the end of the year. This is done to ensure that members are paid in full before they register for the expo in January each year. If you try to register in January, but your membership expired on 12/31, then you would not be eligible for the member discount with your registration. To avoid this confusion for the membership, we encourage renewals in December before the expo.

There are subsequent renewal reminders sent out 14 days before expiration, as well as 14 days after expiration, and 30 days after expiration. We want to be sure that we catch everyone in the normal window where they would normally have had their membership processed so that they can take advantage of their member discount for expo registration. 

Become a NECPA member today!