Ad Close Deadlines

The Show Guide closes 12/6/2017. Ads must be received by end of day on 12/3/17 in order to be included in the 2018 Show Guide.

Web advertising items may be sent at any time, however we recommend sending creative not later than 10/17/17 to optimize your exposure to our conference registrants.

Email advertising is due the month before the sponsored issue. Please confirm the issue you reserved in advance.

File Delivery

If files are larger than 10MB in size, they cannot be emailed to us and must be sent via our Dropbox folder. If files are smaller than 10MB, you can either email them to our marketing department at or request access to our Dropbox folder via that address. If you do not receive confirmation of receipt within 24 hours, please call us directly to confirm that the files were received. All ad materials will be pre-flighted and you will be contacted if any items are flagged for adjustment.

Artwork Assistance

If you need artwork or text created for your sponsorship, including print ads, web landing page graphics or signage for your booth, please contact

Creative Specifications

Please refer to the specification page for your sponsorship type: