• Get the most out of your businees by attending this year's event and aducational seminars.  This year's theme is our 100th anniversary- then and now.
  • Get the most out of your businees by attending this year's event and aducational seminars.  This year's theme is Making Cents, Adding Value. 
  • The entire NECPA event staff and board were thrilled with the level of attendance and enthusiasm at this year’s event. As we reflect back on our time in Springfield, our board members noted many of the same interesting developments and observations. Here is our collective top ten "Things We Learned" at NECPA 2017:

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  • It’s hard to believe we are coming to the end of another year and with it, another NECPA Annual Expo & Meeting is almost upon us. NECPA 2017 will, once again, be filled with many opportunities for networking, education and skill building as we bring together the largest gathering of outdoor fabric, canvas, shade, awning and marine... more

  • I attended the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) Expo last week in North Carolina with several other members of the board of directors. I’ve attended IFAI for the past 10 years and  was pleasantly surprised by all of the positive changes that were evident at this year’s event. Ed Keough, NECPA Board Member was there as an... more

  • Scott Massey, NECPA Board Member and owner/president of Awning Cleaning Industries (ACI) and APCO Products of New Haven, CT, is at the forefront of an effort to recycle and repurpose the thousands of pounds of post-production fabric scraps and worn out awnings and marine fabrics our industry produces every day. Through his efforts, the Recycle... more

  • These days, everyone has a preference for interacting in their daily lives. My son wants to do all communication via the internet and I prefer the phone. Our administrative assistant extols the virtues of mobile bank deposits, while  I like to go into the bank branch. No one way is best and much of the disagreement is admittedly generational.  ... more

  • Fold up your beach umbrella and dust off those sandy toes, it’s time to start planning for the NECPA Annual Meeting & Expo 2017!

    Big changes are coming to this year’s event, not the least of which is holding the show a WEEK EARLIER this coming year. Please mark your calendars now:

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  • In the outdoor and industrial fabrics business, it is important to know industry terms. Just because you know what a word means, does not mean your customers do. In our industry, many terms are used interchangeably, ie. waterproof and water resistant. However, the difference between the two can often spell the difference between a satisfied... more

  • I was a member for years, but strictly in a monetary capacity. The extent of my involvement consisted of paying annual dues and clipping a chance coupon from a booklet I received as a member benefit. Little did I know what I was missing!  While the dues we receive are a crucial component of our survival, it is not the heart and soul of this... more


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