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Scott Massey, NECPA Board Member and owner/president of Awning Cleaning Industries (ACI) and APCO Products of New Haven, CT, is at the forefront of an effort to recycle and repurpose the thousands of pounds of post-production fabric scraps and worn out awnings and marine fabrics our industry produces every day. Through his efforts, the Recycle and Repurpose Collection ensures that materials, that in the past, would simply languish in a landfill, are now being put to use in a multitude of ways.

Post production scraps include all the cut off pieces of fabric that result from awning and marine product manufacturing and range from small corners and cutouts to the long strips cut off of every made-to-fit, retractable awning cover. The small pieces collected by Scott’s organization are recycled into carpet padding and sound-deadening insulation. The larger pieces and old awnings are repurposed and used in a variety of applications, including over 1,300 handbags that are currently being made for the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) and NECPA Expos. 

The long, wide strips from the retractable awning covers are being made into tarps which, through church and aid groups, are sent worldwide to provide shelter and ground cover for people in need. These colorful tarps last far longer than the typical “blue tarps” and are in great demand. Scott recently heard from one of these groups asking how they can get more of these tarps as “they are great shelter and protection for the many displaced individuals all over the region we serve”.

Scott is working hard to meet that demand. As a board member of the IFAI, he is trying to grow this program from its roots here in New England and the NECPA, to a national program supported by awning and marine canvas dealers and manufacturers across the United States. This year, as we have in the past, we welcome your contributions of scraps and old, outdoor fabric both at the NECPA Expo and throughout the year. For more information on how to participate in Scott’s program, or how you can help him spread the word, contact Scott via email at: scott@cleancanvas.com or via the website: www.cleancanvas.com.

Pictured below is a pallet of tarps sent to Americares for distribution to refugees in disaster areas from Asia to Haiti and a recent truckload of over 4,000 lbs of acrylic material sent from Futureguard Awnings in Maine.


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