I was a member for years, but strictly in a monetary capacity. The extent of my involvement consisted of paying annual dues and clipping a chance coupon from a booklet I received as a member benefit. Little did I know what I was missing!  While the dues we receive are a crucial component of our survival, it is not the heart and soul of this organization. It does not define who we are.

As a member, I initially felt misaligned with many of the member companies who I believed surely had me on size and exposure.  As I became more involved, and as I listened and learned, I realized how diverse we all are, and how fascinating that is.  Each one of us has traveled a unique path to get to where we are and together we create a complex and interesting whole that is our industry and NECPA.  

NECPA provides a platform for brainstorming, considering alternatives and finding answers. NECPA sets the stage for camaraderie and support. NECPA is a forum within our industry for mutual recognition and respect, which influences the cohesion of our group. As an organization, we strive to improve conditions, as well as develop and encourage innovation and creativity.  Collectively we can define ourselves as an industry.  We cannot do that alone.

As our membership grows, the value of our membership increases. Each new person brings a new experience and a fresh perspective. We are each experts in our field, and our combined knowledge is invaluable.

I was often told by a dear friend, “business is just an excuse to make friends.” I certainly have made a lot of friends in NECPA. I hope you will consider joining this amazing organization and discover some new friends too.

Come discover what it's all about.

Jeanie Whiting
The Awning Company, Inc.

Photo - Jeanie Whiting, Board Member and Don Volosin, Trivantage, Board Member at the NECPA 2016 Expo.  
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