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The entire NECPA event staff and board were thrilled with the level of attendance and enthusiasm at this year’s event. As we reflect back on our time in Springfield, our board members noted many of the same interesting developments and observations. Here is our collective top ten "Things We Learned" at NECPA 2017:

  1. Participation in our Recycle and Repurpose Collection is growing. More NECPA members than ever are participating in our Recycle and Repurpose Collection. We were particularly pleased to see a number of larger companies contributing this year. Thank you to all of our members for recycling.

  2. Technology is making a huge impact on our industry. From new materials to new techniques, vendors at NECPA 2017 showcased some truly amazing innovations. We can’t wait to see what impact they will have.

  3. Technology is helping evolve our business processes, too. We were so pleased to see the many different ways technology is being used to help our members work smarter, not harder. From CRM systems to software for design and cutting, our industry is evolving quickly.

  4. Successful businesses pay attention to the numbers. This panel presentation reminded us all that the devil is in the details when it comes to managing your company’s finances.

  5. Hire well, but train better. Noel Martinez showed us the importance of training in developing a successful team of installers.

  6. Nothing is impossible with foam. Heidi Ashley and Kevin Maercklein walked us through some creative cutting techniques, while Heidi and Tonya Ricketts also provided some live demonstrations of cutting challenging shapes in our demo tent.

  7. Everybody loves free popcorn. Who knew how much everyone would enjoy a free snack at the entry to the expo?

  8. When you provide free popcorn, you better provide lots of water too. Lesson learned: when you give your attendees free popcorn, you’re going to have some thirsty attendees!

  9. No one knows more about sewing machines than Sam Sloan. We were floored by the level of expertise Sam displayed during his live tent demo.

  10. NECPA members are the most competitive Twister players we've ever met.

We hope you had as much fun at NECPA 2017 as we did. We look forward to seeing you in Worcester for NECPA 2018!

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