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Beginning this month, the NECPA will offer a monthly email update focused on education, information and industry news. This email, The Velarium Vibe, is available to all  NECPA members, expo attendees/exhibitors and visitors to the our website. If you are an NECPA member, you will automatically receive your issue each month. If you are not a member, you can subscribe here

What is "Velarium" and how does it relate to the NECPA?

Velarium was the term for history's first recorded awnings used at the colosseum in Rome. Based on the design of the sails from Roman military ships, it was used to provide shade for the entire stadium during games and performances. The Velarium used a complex systems of supports, ropes and pulleys to be raised and lowered, a job that was performed by Romain sailors because of their familiarity with complex rigging.

The term "Velarium" relates to both the awning and marine fabric areas of the organization, because of its historical ties to awnings and the marine history tied to their development.

We chose to use an historical term to demonstrate the organization's tie to the long history of the industry, while pairing it with a modern alliteration and language to show the movement forward of the industry and organization into the modern age. 

What will I find in each issue of The Velarium Vibe?

The NECPA Annual Meeting & Expo, to be held January 22-24-2015 at the Mass Mutual Center in Springfield, MA, as well as other industry events will be featured in every issue so you can be sure that you don't miss out on these important events.

Every issue will feature an article from one of the NECPA Board of Directors that will help to inform and educate the reader about industry relevent trends and information that can help run your business more effectively.

From industry trends to new product announcements, every issue will keep you updated on the latest innovations for the canvas products industry.

We are always grateful to the Sponsors that make our Meetings & Expos possible. Every month we will feature one of these companies to goes above and beyond to help provide our readers with the tools, techniques and services to improve their businesses.

We hope that you enjoy our  new offering and we look forward to your feedback on every issue! 

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