• When the day-to-day crunch deadlines keep you going 90 miles an hour at this time of year, it's hard to sit down and plan for the winter. But if you want to avoid the off season “dry spell” that is such a challenge for marine fabricators in the North East, there are some ways to plan for it now. Here are a few ideas that we’ve used with success... more

  • As you might remember from our 2015 Expo, this past winter was very cold in the Northeast, bringing record levels of snow and very cold temperatures. As anyone from this area for any amount of time knows, an unseasonably cold winter + long startup to summer makes for a very slow spring start for many in awning and marine businesses.

    ... more
  • This month we are happy to offer an article by NECPA member Diana LeClaire, a physical therapist by training who now runs her own sewing machine at Carriage House Canvas. She brings us some simple steps to create more a ergonomically-friendly set up that will help to avoid common aches and pains many of us face in our day's work.  ... more

  • At the NECPA, email has always been an important part of reaching out to promote our Annual Meeting and Expo. In 2015 we employed a more aggressive email strategy than ever, sending over 15,000 emails to promote our regional show. Last year, our marketing campaigns last year resulted in the highest number of show pre-registrations in our... more

  • Boat covers and awnings for a home or business can be a considerable investment by your customer. As their service provider, you can help them avoid, prevent and resolve the challenge of dirt, stains and normal wear and tear to help protect their investment and keep it looking like new. This month, the team at Marlen Textiles offers their top... more

  • There are many misnomers out there about mold and mildew. What causes it? What damage can it do? How do I get rid of it? Here, the team from Marlen Textiles provides their top tips about the prevention and treatment for mold stains.

    You’ve heard the expression, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That’s the case with mold... more

  • As we announced earlier this... more

  • After a VERY long hard winter, nothing says spring like a splash of color! 

    Coming right from the runway (or maybe from that TV show), this year's hottest color trend has the... more

  • Marine fabricators always know that Spring is in the air as boatyards emit the droning hum of sanders. It is almost hypnotic that hummmm and it signals the promise that the boating season is to start soon! So start your season right with these Marine Contractor Survival Tips...

    1. Check the weather before you go.... more
  • Storefront awnings serve many purposes for a business… shelter for patrons, signage for marketing, electrical savings during hot summer months, and more. Despite these many benefits, for some small businesses there is hesitation in the installation or replacement of an awning because of the associated costs. But thanks to city/town initiatives... more


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