Roy Chrism, The Chrism Company

Roy Chism, of San Antonio and Austin, Texas operates very small, now third generation, not for profit, fabrication business. Roy grew up working as an indentured servant in his family’s awning business. Despite receiving by mail (as distinguished from mail order) an undergraduate degree in accounting from lesser, lesser, lesser, St. Mary’s University, Roy failed to acquire the intelligence to leave the industry. Because he did not learn enough the first time, Roy subsequently studied economics and finance at The University of Texas, San Antonio Graduate School of Business. To the fabric industry, Roy has been quoted twenty-two and a half times in various fabric industry journals, has somehow misplaced three IFAI International Achievement Awards, is a past president and Honored Life Member of the Southwest Industrial Fabrics Association (where his best work is remembered as his unsuccessful presidential opening and closing term motions to disband the (now defunct) association). Additional industry service includes a six-year term without parole as a PAMA board member, a concurrent two-year term as an Industrial Fabrics Foundation board member followed by eight years of service as the IFF chairman. Currently Roy is serving his final eighteen months of a three-year director’s position with the IFA Board of Directors. In San Antonio, Roy also served as the Chairman for the Advisory Council for the Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Lean Systems and is active in the San Antonio Manufacturers Association.
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